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Spousal Protections in Texas Probate

Many people think there is no reason to have a will because the surviving spouse will inherit everything from a deceased spouse.  But in many cases where there is not a will, that is not the case.  Particularly when the decedent’s … Continue reading

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Uncle Harry Was Single When He Died Without a Will

In my last post, we discussed what happens to a person’s estate when they die without a will.  That post focused on the decedent being a married person at the time of death.  This post will consider what happens to … Continue reading

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Update Your Will (part 2)

Preparing a will is the best way to be certain your property is distributed according to your wishes. What many people don’t realize is that keeping your will up to date is as important as having a will. That’s why … Continue reading

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What Type of Trust Do You Need?

There are many types of trusts and frequently a trust will include multiple characteristics.  For example, one of the most frequent classifications of trusts is by when they become effective, i.e., living trusts and testamentary trusts. A living trust or … Continue reading

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Eighteenth Birthday – Free At Last?

Professor Gerry W. Beyer, Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of Law at Texas Tech School of Law recently wrote an article titled “Why Your Eighteen Year Old Needs an Estate Plan”, which succinctly covers issues many parents overlook when … Continue reading

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