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What Happens to My Estate If I Die Without a Will?

If you die without a Will, the result is largely controlled by the state where you resided at the time of your death.  However, if you own real property, the state in which that real property is located will control … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Charities

Many of us give to our favorite charity on a regular basis, but when making our estate plans, completely forget about them.  I find many clients are concerned that if they give to a charity, their family will get nothing.  … Continue reading

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Helping Kids With Their Debt Problems

Occasionally a client will discover that they really do have more money than they are likely to need during their lifetime.  Often they will want to help their kids who might have incurred education, medical or other debts.   Most clients … Continue reading

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Helping Your Loved Ones When You Die

Many decisions will need to be made rather quickly once you die.  You can ease the burden on your family if you take some preparatory steps before you pass.  Some of those decisions are described in a recent article by … Continue reading

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Special Needs Trust; What’s So Special? (continued)

This is a follow-up to an earlier post on the subject of special needs trusts.  If you need an attorney in Collin County, Texas, or the north Dallas area to help you with issues related to a special needs trust, … Continue reading

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