Long Term Care Planning

ponderingHave you been pondering how to cover the cost of long term care?  Long term care insurance is one way many people choose to protect themselves against the cost of long term care at home or in nursing facilities.  Whether long term care insurance is right for you is often a factor of your resources, your health (although good health today can change in an instant), your family situation and your age at the time you are considering such a purchase.

Recently an article was shown to me addressing the question of whether a group long term care insurance policy is always the best alternative over an individual long term care insurance policy.  This article is found at the website of the Association for Long Term Care Planning.  Other resources can also be found there.  You should be alert that this organization supports those who market long term care insurance, so their slant on things may be biased.  But view the information and weigh that bias into your own evaluation.

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