Do You Really Need A Will?

old willI sometimes hear single or divorced clients say they don’t think they need a will.  A recent case demonstrates why that conclusion is likely erroneous.  Decedent’s siblings claimed that they should have inherited his estate.  And they likely might have had a valid claim, but in this case decedent had prepared a will leaving his entire estate to his lifetime companion with whom he lived for decades.  The court affirmed the validity of the will.

If you are single or divorced, you at least should discuss with an estate planning attorney to whom you wish your estate to go upon your death.  You may assume it will go to certain people, but the laws of Texas may direct it otherwise.  A will is a way of assuring yourself that your estate will go to those you wish it to upon your death.

Estate of Grogan, 595 S.W.3d 807 (Tex. App.—Texarkana 2020, no pet. h.).

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