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Involving Your Entire Family in Planning

As our families grow, the change can be exciting but it should also be a reminder to keep plans updated. As we age, whether we are grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles or parents with small children, we should create or update … Continue reading

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Executor Pitfalls

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article highlighting some of the difficulties that can arise when a person serves as executor of an estate.  These are just a few of the pitfalls an executor may encounter.  Unfortunately, there are … Continue reading

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Back It Up!!!

You may have noticed that many of the posts on my blog are not displaying the pictures included as part of the post.  My web host tells me this is due to them being hacked and not having a current … Continue reading

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17th Century English Trials

This post doesn’t have anything in particular to do with estate planning or probate, but it sure is interesting – at least to me. The website listed below contains trial transcripts and a great deal of background information on criminal … Continue reading

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Say what?

The following is for all of my financial planning friends and colleagues.  I recognize for many clients this could as easily apply to estate planning, but hopefully by the time my engagement is completed you understand a little more than … Continue reading

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