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Planning for the Long Term

As with so many aspects of planning for our futures, many people try to hide their head in the sand when it comes to planning for living a long life that might involve a period of time when our expenses … Continue reading

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Do You Know Your Probate Terminology?

The Dallas Morning News had a great column this week written by Virginia Hammerle on terms heard when talking about probate.  I am reprinting below that entire article. Cracking the code The special language of probate LEGAL TALK TEXAS At … Continue reading

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Protections for Surviving Family in Probate Proceedings

Often times survivors of a decedent are afraid of probate, fearing the small amount in the estate will be eaten up by all the creditors and probate fees.  But in Texas, the legislature has created several protections for a surviving … Continue reading

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Don’t Spend It All in One Place–Making An Inheritance Last

A US study indicates that one in five people who receives an inheritance of $100,000 or more spends it rather than saving or investing at least some of the money. The average person only saves half of what they receive. … Continue reading

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Disinheritance – “Mom always loved you more!”

Occasionally clients will state that they want to leave a natural object of their affection (spouse, child or someone else) out of their will.  This is always a touchy subject and one that must be approached with some sensitivity.  What … Continue reading

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