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Protecting Your Digital Assets

With just about every household having at least one computer and most having multiple phones and tablets, digital assets are becoming a big part of many people’s estates.  Heirs often are experiencing unexpected difficulty in locating, accessing, and transferring those … Continue reading

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How to plan for when your special needs student wants to live independently

Reprinted from Dallas Morning News blog By Robin LeoGrande/Special Needs Insider Here’s a new idea for students with special needs in North Texas: Having housing available to meet transition plans that include moving into more independent housing options soon after students … Continue reading

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Where Did Your Inheritance Go?

A recent study covering people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s indicates that roughly half of all money inherited is saved and the other half spent or lost investing.  The author of another study concluded that almost one in five … Continue reading

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Documents Everyone Needs in Their Estate Plan

I sometimes have people come to me and say all they want is a will.  Or all they want is a power of attorney.  Or some other document.  My usual response is to ask them what other estate planning documents … Continue reading

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