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What do you do when you lose a spouse?

The loss of a spouse can be very traumatic to the survivor in many ways.  When the spouse who passes away is also the one spouse who took care of the couples’ finances, the death can be even more troubling.  … Continue reading

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Helping Kids With Their Debt Problems

Occasionally a client will discover that they really do have more money than they are likely to need during their lifetime.  Often they will want to help their kids who might have incurred education, medical or other debts.   Most clients … Continue reading

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Most Dangerous Elder Fraud? It Might Be Your Children

A recent article in Forbes Magazine by John Wasik observes that the Internet has made elder fraud much easier for the perpetrators. However, John also observes that often the perpetrator of elder fraud is the elder’s own children.   John … Continue reading

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Seven Misconceptions about Probate

Probate seems to be a mysterious process to many people.  Unless a person has gone through that process, perhaps in handling a loved one’s estate, they seldom have a very good understanding of it.  Following are a few of the … Continue reading

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