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Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

“I have a revocable living trust.  Do I also need a power of attorney?” First, there are different kinds of powers of attorney.  You are probably asking about whether you need what is commonly called a financial power of attorney, … Continue reading

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Leaving a Digital Legacy

On January 8, 2012, I posted on including digital assets in your estate planning.  In today’s Dallas Morning News Pamela Yip, one of my favorite columnists, wrote a similar article, “How to leave a digital legacy for your heirs.” With … Continue reading

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Identity Theft Crackdown

Anyone who has never experienced identity theft is lucky.  Thieves are becoming increasingly devious in finding ways to locate and obtain personal information to steal your assets, including your good name and credit. The IRS and the Justice Department recently … Continue reading

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Can I change my trust?

Frequently, a person who has created a trust will decide later that they want to change some or all of the terms of their trust.  In order to determine what changes are permissible, we must look to the terms of … Continue reading

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